Design the difference.

We are the human element behind digital evolution. A brand agency based in Sydney and comprised of passionate designers, we are dedicated to unlocking the creative strategy that defines your brand.

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Value prop, drop and roll

A rare blend of thinkers and creators, we bring both sides of the coin to the table.

A brand agency that develops brands that are built to last, designed to attract and create immediate impact. We craft premium creative work for every application, from digital to print to experiential - using a recipe of passion, pride and a healthy amount of elbow grease.

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Bay Nine Omakase
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Designing the difference.

Our strengths align seamlessly to create powerful brands that cut through saturated marketplaces.


Artistry and innovation collide as we design emotive brands with personality at every touchpoint. We translate ideas into a visual identity, capturing why you do what you do and how. The visual aspects of a Brand is what forms the core pillars of it's identity – from the logo design, typeface, colours and graphics. However, it doesn't stop there; a true Brand Identity breathes into every corner of application, claiming ownership onto everything it touches


Visibility in an oversaturated eCommerce marketplace is no easy feat, with traditional brick and mortar sales techniques becoming a distant memory, businesses are either forced to adapt their current model or start from scratch in order to keep up. Sound daunting? Have no fear, the X/OVER is here. We are the brand agency with a fully equipped team of number lovers who see only in conversions, we are your one-stop shop to understanding and succeeding in the eCommerce arena.

Web Design

Behind every great website, is human centered design. It's more than just a digital presence, it's often a consumer's first interaction with your brand, your ethos and your product. We will work with you to understand the complexitiy of your needs and tailor a custom website design solution with the User Experience front of mind. We drive to only produce websites that stand the test of time, are responsive across all devices and just work.

Creating brands that matter.

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