1863 Football

We embarked on a journey to infuse a modern aesthetic into the traditional ethos of the sport. Recognising the rich heritage and legacy of football, we aimed to push the boundaries of conventional football wear by introducing modern elements while paying homage to its roots.

Our goal was to craft a brand identity that not only stood out amidst fierce competition but also resonated with the evolving tastes of the modern footballing consumer. Centered on harnessing the dynamic energy of 1863 Football, we crafted a versatile and adaptable identity system designed to resonate across various platforms, both physical and digital.

Services Engaged

Project Details

Through our strategic branding, we successfully developed a professional and visually compelling go-to-market brand for 1863 Football, positioning them as leaders within the competitive football apparel landscape.

The Client

1863 Football was founded with the vision of becoming the first truly custom team wear brand supplying football specific apparel and club merchandise to grassroots and development clubs within the football landscape in Australia. Our name, 1863 Football, holds deep significance – it represents the year when the modern laws of football were established, laying the foundation for the world game as we know it today.

Our approach involved the development of a comprehensive suite comprising logos, graphic elements, a unique font selection, and a distinctive colour palette. This cohesive branding package served as the cornerstone for launching 1863 Football as a truly original and standout brand, seamlessly integrating across garments, campaigns, website, and packaging to establish a strong and memorable brand presence.

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Our engagement with 1863 Football encompassed a comprehensive spectrum of services, spanning from the creation of a visually compelling brand to the concept and design of their apparel. At the core of our collaboration was the development of a master identity that captured the essence of the brand's ethos and values. Through research and creative exploration, we crafted a visual brand language that seamlessly blended modernity with tradition, setting 1863 Football apart in the competitive market.

The Outcome

Through our holistic approach, we successfully transformed 1863 Football into a dynamic and influential brand within the Australian football apparel industry, driving engagement, loyalty, and success.

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