Our purpose is to reposition growth-focused businesses to gain more revenue and loyalty from target markets; to cross the chasm of uncertainty, and thrive with sustainable innovation; The Crossover.
We do this by using proven strategies and tactics of growth; applying the thinking of behavioural psychology and practice of innovative technology. We plan to understand your business goals; we seek to anticipate the economic opportunity for your business; we understand the power of perception and moving your consumers to brand experience that breeds loyalty.

Our Leadership Team
Rowan Tombs
Head of Strategy
Zyran Erasmus
Head of Technology
Eze Cortez
Head of Design
A Fresh Perspective.
We are a fresh perspective on engaging a marketing agency. A hybrid agency of design thinkers that have a proven track record of growing companies with technology and marketing. We are an example of a successful evolution in this industry; Crossover was born as a result of a technology startup success in designing and developing new technology products for national and international enterprise groups as well as exciting Startups; a collective of people, unlike any other agency, who are constantly strategising and executing on positioning brands and technology for growth, fast.
De-Risk your investment.
Derisk your investment by avoiding a traditional and singular marketing agency.
The Crossover hybrid partnership is about delivering the most value to all levels of growth to your company and value to your users; strategy, design, technology, marketing and revenue.

Cross over to proven business outcomes.

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From ambitious startups to industry leaders, our experienced team has worked with clients from around the globe.
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