L'PHAY Skincare

We delved into the branding journey of this emerging skincare startup located in Tasmania, Australia. Tasked with the mission to visually articulate a premium luxury brand harmonising science and nature, our objective was to craft a distinct identity for L'PHAY.

Each product not only pays homage to its Tasmanian roots but stands as a testament to the fusion of contemporary skincare research, ensuring a harmonious blend of efficacy and luxury in every formulation.

Services Engaged

Project Details

Collaborating closely with the founder, we undertook the comprehensive task of brand design and development, art direction, and execution across all touch points. Our involvement extended to the design and development of the e-commerce website, packaging design, as well as creative direction for the brand's photography styling, ensuring a cohesive and compelling representation of L'PHAY's ethos and products.

The Client

L’PHAY was inspired by the diverse landscapes of Tasmania. In this part of Australia, where every sight evokes a sense of wonder, the vision was crystallised. With a profound appreciation for Tasmania and an ambition to create an exceptional skincare brand, the idea of merging local inspiration with advanced scientific research became L'PHAY's mantra.

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In collaboration with the founder, our approach to developing the e-commerce website for L'PHAY Skincarewas centered around empowering them with the ability to self-service and update the platform effortlessly.

Simultaneously, our focus on website design aimed to strike a balance between minimalism and visual engagement, aligning closely with the brand's vision. We crafted a clean and streamlined aesthetic that not only showcased the elegance of L'PHAY's products but also provided a straightforward and enjoyable sales journey for users. The user interface was designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a hassle-free browsing and purchasing experience.

"I’m thrilled with the exceptional service provided by The X/OVER Branding Agency. Choosing this team has been our best decision ever, as their creative team brought our vision to life, delivering a cohesive and impactful brand identity. From logo to website design, every detail was meticulously crafted. The collaborative and professional approach made the entire process seamless.

Our brand now stands out, Thanks to Eze, and The X/OVER team’s expertise and commitment to excellence."

Pooi Chin, Founder / L'PHAY Skincare

The Outcome

We crafted a visually engaging yet minimalistic brand, aligning with the founders' vision, and ensured a seamless sales journey for users.

The result is a comprehensive and compelling representation of L'PHAY's ethos, seamlessly integrating aesthetics with functionality.

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