The goal was to create a brand that would be consistent across all touch points. To achieve this, the brand was built from the ground up, ensuring that it aligned with the company's core values and extended to the outward public facing brand.

Services Engaged

Creative Strategy

Brand Design

Website UI/UX and Development

Motion Design

Project Details

The X/OVER Agency was engaged to re-develop Emotous' existing Brand Identity, re-aligning their visual strategy to include their new service offerings.

The Client

Emotous’ mission is simple; toempower people and organisationsto achieve their goals and reachtheir greater potential. Followingtheir growth and traction in market,Emotous was ready to launch thenext phase in their business,developing new products andtechnologies to better servetheir clients.

Website UX/UI; The site’s functionality was to act as a gateway to Emotous’ externally hosted products, leading the consumer through a seamless end to end journey from HomePage to their destination.The final result was a perfectly balanced site, delivering the warmth and hospital nature of Emotous, whilst emphasising their impressive capacity in the data analysis and technology space.
Motion Design; Through implementation of the newly developed secondary assets, we were able to treat a range of production footage, that both delivered the key messaging whilst still presenting a cohesive and complete Emotous look and feel.
Brand Coherence; The refreshed Emotous brand reflects the new look and feel of the business, presenting a highly approachable brand, backed by leading products and technologies.
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The Outcome

Inclusive, organic, people centred design was the primary pillar engaged, to deliver the key Brand Ethos of ‘human powered business’.

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