Data Organica

Developing a visually engaging brand for a data research company.

Services Engaged

Brand Design + Development
UI Development
Website Build + Development
Graphic Design

Project Details

Design and execute the launch of newly formed research company, Data Organica. Executional items included the design and build of brand website, brand guidelines, brand story, custom animation and graphics.

The Client

Data Organica is an adaptive behavioural consultancy. Through data anlysis, they not only justify validation, but also value, thus creating the narrative of a new world. 
To make constructive and valuable change, we need to understand the why and the how of a consumer's motivations.

Data Organica

Where functionality meets design; traditionally, when you think of data there is little expectation for aesthetic application.

We wanted to challenge this norm and create a brand that harnessed both, because who said data can't be sexy?

The Outcome

A brand that captivates and visually portrays Data Organica's best-in-show algorithyms and research

The website is designed with the sales funnel front of mind, with strategically placed content littered across the site, educating the consumer on the product before enticing them to engage with the brand through a carefully placed CTA.

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