Daniel Wakim Law Firm

Our journey with Daniel Wakim Law Firm began by crafting a masterful and timeless brand identity that captured the essence of the business. Building upon this foundation, we laid out the cornerstones of the brand, setting the stage for a cohesive and impactful presence.

As the brand’s narrative unfolded, we seamlessly translated its elements onto various platforms, including stationary and a dynamic website.

Services Engaged

Art Direction

Branding + Design

Graphic Design

Website Design and Development

Project Details

Our collaboration with Daniel Wakim Law Firm encompassed the creation of brand identity, graphic design, and website development. The objective was to craft a unique visual look for the law firm, distinguishing it from competitors and instilling it with a distinctive personality. To inject vitality into the brand, we  utilised oil paintings to imbue the website with a distinct and captivating atmosphere.

The Client

Through competence, integrity, authority and experience, Daniel Wakim Law Firm works with business entities, government institutions and mid to top-tier legal firms in Australia to provide advice across all aspects of Criminal Law.

Our dedication to crafting a unique and premium brand experience extended to the website, where we infused the brand with a distinct visual style and user journey, setting the Daniel Wakim Law Firm brand apart from the ordinary.

The Outcome

We crafted a visually engaging yet minimalistic brand, aligning with the founders' vision, and ensured a seamless sales journey for users.

Our partnership with Daniel Wakim Law Firm showcases the harmonious blend of creativity and strategy, culminating in a brand that serves as a testament to innovation and originality.

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