BIINU Psychology

Let's face it. Being human is complicated. Enter BIINU Psychology.

Services Engaged

Website Design, UI / UX

Website Development


Graphic Design

Project Details

Launching into market with a new Brand, BIINU Psychology needed an aesthetic and functional Website, designed to guide users through their Brand Story, their key disciplines and finally through to Lead Conversion via a Booking Platform. Integrating an Insights Channel with intentions to captivate and educate their consumers, ease of use was a priority.

The Client

Dedicated by their passion to empower people to take control of their mental health, BIINU Psychology was born to do just that. As experts in their field, the Founders saw the need to create a brand that enabled consumers to feel confident to take that first step in getting help, in any area they needed.

The Outcome

A thoughtful and approachable Website, that delivers best in class functionality, and key messaging to both inform and captivate the user.

We designed and delivered a complete Website, applying the full Brand Guideline and developing additional Dynamic, and Animated Content to further captivate the user. Functionality is seamless, and provides a clear, guided journey for the user to increase conversions.

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