Aus Natural Care

Our partnership with Aus Natural Care was a transformative journey as we redefined their digital landscape. Starting from the ground up, we crafted a bespoke e-commerce platform tailored to their needs. But our partnership didn't stop there. We delved deeper, developing a comprehensive digital brand guideline to rejuvenate their online identity.

We redefined boundaries and elevated the essence of Aus Natural Care in the digital realm.

Services Engaged

Project Details

Our engagement with Aus Natural Care transcended mere aesthetics, delving deep into the essence of their brand to craft a digital narrative that resonates. From the inception of a revitalised visual identity encapsulated in a digital brand guideline, we explored every facet of their online presence. This included refining their secondary colour palette to ensure consistency across all products, devising guidelines for product photography presentation, and structuring a cohesive approach for web banners and promotional materials. With a blueprint in hand, we embarked on the redesign and redevelopment of their online shopping website, breathing fresh life into its interface. Beyond surface changes, we engineered a new user journey from scratch, tailored to enhance navigation and drive sales, solidifying Aus Natural Care's digital footprint in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

The Client

Aus Natural Care are Australia’s leading direct supplier of  online vitamins and supplements. Since 1989 Aus Natural Care have been caring for the health of Australians by providing the highest quality vitamins, supplements, superfoods, and natural living products.

The new digital visual identity authentically reflects Aus Natural Care's essence, harmonising with their commitment to natural wellness. With a curated palette and cohesive design elements, it evokes a sense of trust and authenticity, fostering a deep connection with customers seeking holistic care in every interaction.

By prioritising user needs and preferences, the new user journey has transformed Aus Natural Care's online platform into a welcoming digital storefront, where every click feels like a step towards holistic well-being. Customers are seamlessly guided through the website, enhancing engagement and fostering a deeper connection with the brand. This enhanced user experience has translated into improved efficiency in sales generation, make informed choices, and complete transactions.

“AusNaturalCare has been working with The X/OVER Agency for the last 4 months on rebranding and redesigning our website. They have been nothing but amazing. Not only did they hit the points we needed but they also brought their own ideas to the table to better our content. I can not recommend this team enough. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work together again, and would recommend their masterclass service to anyone!”

- Kerrod Day / e-Commerce Specialist, AusNaturalCare

The Outcome

Our partnership culminated in a seamlessly integrated digital ecosystem, harmonising visual identity with user experience to elevate engagement and drive efficient sales growth.

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