1863 Football

We embarked on a journey to infuse a modern aesthetic into the traditional ethos of the sport. Recognising the rich heritage and legacy of football, we aimed to push the boundaries of conventional football wear by introducing modern elements while paying homage to its roots.

Our goal was to craft a brand identity that not only stood out amidst fierce competition but also resonated with the evolving tastes of the modern footballing consumer. Centered on harnessing the dynamic energy of 1863 Football, we crafted a versatile and adaptable identity system designed to resonate across various platforms, both physical and digital.

Services Engaged

Art Direction

Branding + Design

Packaging Design

E-commerce Website Design

Project Details

Through our strategic branding, we successfully developed a professional and visually compelling go-to-market brand for 1863 Football, positioning them as leaders within the competitive football apparel landscape.

The Client

Revate is a skincare brand for the contemporary man: a sharp, savvy, multidimensional person. Someone who  values his appearance – but knows that good health starts beneath the surface.

Revate's packaging was conceptualised as an extension of its brand identity. The packaging design aimed to communicate luxury and functionality. Sleek and ergonomic containers not only protected the product but also enhanced the overall user experience. The choice of materials and finishes further underscored the brand's commitment to quality and refinement.

The Outcome

Our collaborative efforts culminated in a brand that speaks directly to the contemporary man. The premium, minimalistic design across all aspects — branding, packaging, and online presence — positions Revate as a sophisticated choice for individuals who value both their appearance and overall well-being.

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