UX is not just about websites and apps having pretty colour schemes.
Fundamentally, it's the reason we started the agency. Being design experts, we could see how vital the research and design process was for converting consumers into loyal customers.

The three-second rule applies to when it comes to the difference between good and bad UX. Research has shown that if the experience in the first 3 seconds does not engage, consumers move on. So good UX is even more vital for attracting and retaining new customers. All the marketing in the world means very little if once you've got their attention, a poor UX loses them.

It's about understanding and connecting with your customers, asking them what they want and ensuring that your products and services meet their needs. Co-creating value for them and thus loyalty as they feel listened to and understood.
At Crossover, we believe that effective marketing must include a focus on user experience (UX).
UX & UI, or user experience and interface, encompasses all the things that occur to a user when they are interacting with a product, system or experience. User experience and interface design is the practice of optimising this experience through research, analysis and design of the touch-points involved in a system. They are both codependent to one another.
UX design is about creating a positive experience for a user. Customers are spoiled with great web design and user experiences provided by the industry leaders, and they expect the same from any mobile app or website they interact with. Having an intuitive UX is a critical requirement these days, not an added value or a differentiator. The interface (UI) should match their expectations, providing a pleasant and seamless experience and studies have shown that effective UX pays massive dividends.
At the Crossover we use expert design and human interaction knowledge to bring to life both you and your potential customers' vision into something that will not only work but will grow your business rapidly.
User experience is a strategic business tool, and if you know how to use it, you'll see increased sales, more engaged, repeat customers, reduced training and customer service costs. You will also improve brand loyalty, credibility and referrals as people will associate your business with stellar performance if the first time they interact with you is perfect.

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