Fact: Half of those that read print media will follow up with an online search.
However, despite this obsession with digital technology, print marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies and we believe should be considered by those businesses serious about taking the next step and skyrocketing growth through broad brand exposure.

Print media offers a prestigious and "real" way to engage with different segments in your targeted customer base. And, as so many businesses move away from print media, our clients get the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and engage with them in a more sophisticated way.

We know you are a little surprised at this category, as so many agencies focus solely on digital marketing and social media.
Consumers spend all day touching their mobile phones, computer keyboards, and TV remote controls. It's nice every once in a while to touch a printed newspaper or magazine. The feel of the paper and glossy pages, the smell of the ink – these sensory experiences are a big part of being human.

As part of an integrated campaign using digital print and video (seeing, hearing, movement) and physical (touch), your brand is engaging on multiple levels with your customer, creating a more lasting appeal than brands that don't.
Slowing down the experience through print media creates genuine engagement. Rather than surfing or skim reading, users of print media have more time to engage with your great content and absorb your message. This is true for advertising in print media as well.
As part of an integrated marketing strategy, the team at Crossover will work with you to create print media that leads to online conversions.

Did you know that almost half of those that read print media will follow up with an online search? Ultimately this is the goal, turning readers into customers and getting them to take action and interact with your brand.

Cross over to proven business outcomes.

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