Brand consistency is vital.
However, creating broad appeal and crossing over to being a household name is becoming more difficult as brands are increasingly being chosen based on the individual's value and identity.

Branding is becoming an extension of the consumers' image of themselves - they want the brands they are aligned to be in synergy with who they are. Consumers are looking for brands they feel they can identify with, and they can then use to communicate something about themselves to others.

You know that branding that excites and portrays the heart and soul of your business is what can set you apart from your competitors.
In other words, consumers are not only choosing brands whose values align with theirs but wanting to be able to express these values to the outside world. So, it's more important that we understand what the values and images are that appeals to each market segment. Doing this will establish your brand as one that is aligned with their views of the world and themselves.

When growing and expanding your target market, you need to be open to branding yourself to appeal across different market segments. Many household names regularly reinvent themselves as they grow or their customers' needs and values shift over time.

Brands like Apple and Pepsi have rebranded many times.

If you decide to refresh your brand, current customers will see that you are staying fresh, dynamic, and up to date, so a brand refresh is a win-win situation.

Brand consistency is vital, and your brand needs to have a personality and voice so that new customers and clients are drawn to your business and this will enable you to grow rapidly.
The Crossover team are design experts and will help turn your vision into reality.
We want to make sure your brand has broad appeal while maintaining the way you are seen by the world that is consistent with your values and vision. We will work with you to ensure that your branding shines through content, websites, print and social media, products and services to ensure that your brand has all the attributes to make it a household name if that's the goal.

Cross over to proven business outcomes.

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